Knock on wood, but this isn’t to say that we want Queen Elizabeth II in her graveyard. But since she is among the well-known public figures, more than anyone in history, and death arrives at everybody, take this as a look at her last will and testament, including events to happen in the royal family. 

The heir to the throne

Prince Charles, 71 years old, and son of Queen Elizabeth II will take the throne immediately. He’s been prepared for this event his whole life and unless there will be dramatic changes, it will be a king for Great Britain after the queen dies. 

If you happen to sit down on a “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” game show or a nerve-racking quiz, here’s a cheat sheet, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and the Commonwealth Realms is now the world’s longest-reigning monarch, after the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 

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Several United States presidents, U.K. prime ministers, and popes have come and gone from their rule in her time. It was on February 6, 1952 when she became queen after her father’s death, King George VI. The 25-year-old Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was then on tour with her husband, Philip, in Kenya. She was formally crowned on the 2nd of June, 1953.

For those speculating her first-born grandson to Prince Charles, Prince William will take the throne, it is less likely to happen. He might be next-in-line to his father, Charles. 

Sudden death

If the same unexpected death happens to her as Princess Diana’s, it’s also been said that the media might likewise get in an uncontrolled manner. But has it been talked about and planned? Yes. Basically, major groups connected to the British throne—the news outfits, the family and friends—will more likely already know what to do.

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News anchors are to wear black. The palace staff will be dismissed from work that day. The royal staffers will be notified via the staff hotline. This phone number is mainly for big palace news, including the death of a member of the royalty, including the queen herself.

Further details

This event will also cause stock markets to drop and banks to close. It will naturally cause the U.K. businesses to lose confidence in trading and may cost the economy billions in lost earnings, including Britain’s international trading partners. Even the London Stock Exchange may temporarily shut its doors.

The ceremonies of the death, the funeral, and coronation, will be formal holidays. There will be worldwide coverage in the media that will last for days to a few weeks. 

Speaking of international media, BBC is also expected to suspend some of its programmings, giving way to news updates about this happening. The Daily Mail stated, “The national anthem will be screened in the backdrop whilst television screens display a picture of the royal.” 

The Union Jack, the country flag of the United Kingdom, will be flown half-mast. 

Westminster Hall is expected to host her coffin for public viewing, lasting for a couple of days to weeks. It will be a star-studded affair, with the public in great grief. There will be “the Vigil of Princes,” a ceremony where the princes will stand in a vigil for the “late queen.” 

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Queen Elizabeth II is not your average woman. She rides horses and knows how to operate guns. According to reports from Business Insider, she’s already prepared herself for the funeral. The legacy of this 93-year-old monarch will live on.

The country will proudly move forward, swearing Prince Charles into the office and he might also be changing his official name, the uniform design of police officers will change, and there’ll be new anthems and currencies.