Historic houses, those with interior designs and facades strong with the elements of the arts through time, are beautiful to the eyes. Each house tells a story and from history, these tales are very fascinating. There are houses that have been resided by different generations. There are houses owned by famous historical figures, politicians, celebrities, and royalty. Here are a few of them that will surely get you driving your cars and heading toward these places.

Palace of Versailles

Detailed and elegant, the Palace of Versailles was originally constructed to become the hunting lodge of France’s King Louis XIII. However, through the years, it’s now made into a vacation home exclusive for the royalty from the years 1682 to 1789. This world heritage site gathers local and international tourists, like the Eiffel Tower. It’s touted as the second most visited tourist attraction following the Louvre.

Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright is a well-known architect who designed and built this house when he was only 22 years old. This is also where several other architects, designers, and artists designed various other structures including the Larkin Building, Unity Temple, Robie House, and the Laura Gale home.

Walt Disney's House

After work, Walt Disney will go home to this house where he would raise his two children. Likewise, it also became the extension of this office desk since he would do many creative projects here. Disney’s private life is etched here, and a few people get the chance to take a look side since it’s only opened now exclusively for special events.

Abraham Lincoln's Springfield Home

From the outside, Abraham Lincoln’s home looks like a normal residential area. But for those who knew he was the person who resided here, this Springfield home is certainly a tourist destination. It has hosted many of his parades, rallies, events, and other political-related functions before being elected United States president. It’s a monumental property in American history.

Franklin Court

Right now, the Franklin Court, which once became home to Benjamin Franklin, retains its architectural remnants, but you can clearly see the foundations of this structure on the ground. Near the Franklin Court is a museum that provides tributes and offers recognition for him.

Gonzalez-Alvarez House

It is the “oldest house in the United States,” at least it proclaims itself as one. This Gonzalez-Alvarez House in the state of Florida is re-constructed to have two museums where you can tour the interiors and learn about how houses of this period looked like.

Kentwell Hall

England also has a share of historic houses worth visiting. The Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, England dates back from around 1,000 CE, the years of the High Medieval Age. It challenges the grandeur of Downton Abbey since Kentwell Hall has also become the shooting location of many films and television programs in the past. Since the late 1970s, it’s hosted annual re-enactments and events such as the “Scaresville” Halloween event held each year.

American Gothic House

If one of the members of the Addams Family doesn’t find their home environment well, they can move to the American Gothic House, pun intended. Also called the Dibble House, it is featured in the painting titled “American Gothic” by Grant Wood. Visitors often mimic the painting when they take photos with the house’s facade. It also features a museum and visitor center. The museum displays works from the artist.

Oak Alley Plantation

In Louisiana, you’ll find several 1800s plantation houses that showcase the century’s architecture and breathtaking landscapes. For instance, the Oak Alley Plantation who George Swainey built for Jacques Telesphore Roman in Louisiana, you can find the popular oak trees lining the walkways toward the entrance.

Winchester Mystery House

It looks like a vacation home on the outside but haunted on the inside. Yes, it is one of the haunted houses in the United States. The story of Winchester Mystery House follows that of Sarah Winchester’s family who died because of a “curse” toward the Winchester family out of the Winchester rifle. To atone this, she built this house for herself and the spirits who yielded to this rifle.

In order to give a peace offering for the spirits, the house would constantly be repaired. It is also a superstition that those who wish to visit the Winchester Mystery House should be accompanied by someone familiar with the house since the many doorways and hallways “lead to nowhere,” and until today, nobody knows how many rooms this mysterious dwelling has.

Several memories happen within a house. It’s one of the basic needs of man. With many modern house designs springing today, it becomes more worthwhile to appreciate these historic houses that were once real homes of the past.