Elizabeth is a name strongly connected with British history, from the Elizabeth of the 16th and 17th centuries to the Elizabeth we know today. Queen Elizabeth II is Edward VII’s great-granddaughter. Edward VII was the heir to Queen Victoria’s crown. His father was Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, therefore Queen Elizabeth II traces its lineage to Albert’s family, the House Of Wettin. She is more related to Victoria than Elizabeth during the High Renaissance.

She is currently the subject of the top-rating Netflix series “The Crown,” starring Helena Bonham Carter, Tobias Menzies, and Olivia Colman. It is a TV drama that tells about the political issues revolving around Queen Elizabeth II and her reign, as well as her love life. These in the background of the events that shaped the second half of the 1900s. Now on its third successful season, “The Crown” also received several accolades from different award-giving bodies. The first season started from the time after she got married from 1947 to 1955. The second season covered happenings until 1964, featuring the Suez Crisis, and the retirement of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. The third season focuses until 1977 which also featured the Apollo landing on the moon, and the death of the Duke of Windsor and that of Winston Churchill. The next season, according to Radio Times, will have its first episode reportedly in December 2020.

Queen Elizabeth II lived in the time where mass media and photography are widespread, unlike in the previous years. Various photos of her showcasing her life are either published massively around the Internet or are rare enough to become collectors’ items. Harper’s Bazaar even tagged her “badass” in some of these photos.

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Recent News

Now that both her grandsons, Prince William and Harry, are married, Buckingham Palace recently released a new official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which include three generations of her heirs, USA Today reported. Prince George of Cambridge at six years old is beaming as a young millennial in the photo.

This new photograph was taken on the 18th of December, the same day Queen Elizabeth II hosted the annual Christmas lunch for the extended royal family. It showed Queen Elizabeth II, 93, her eldest son Prince Charles, Charles’ eldest son Prince William, and then William’s son Prince George. They are smiling and standing in the hallway with walls draped in moldings of scarlet and gilt. It is interesting to note the handbag carried by the Queen on her left arm.

Ranald Mackechnie took the former photo, also a portrait of these four. It was captured in 2015, during summer at Buckingham Palace’s White Drawing Room. Palace officials say it was released to commemorate the birthday of the Queen, and is now used in commemorative stamps.

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Rare Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II

This isn’t the only photo of Queen Elizabeth II that trended worldwide. Indeed, she has several great photographs, and perhaps even the royal paparazzi may take snapshots while she is in her daily musings. Cue in: the first photograph, the baby version of the queen.

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In this photograph taken in the 1920s, newborn princess Elizabeth is asleep in the arms of her month, the Duchess of York. Even her grandmother has a photo with her as a baby…

Town and Country
Town and Country

She is also a self-proclaimed animal lover since she was little. In the following photos, you’ll see her with dogs and horses.

Town and Country
Town and Country

Her coming of age story was also a phase in her life much-followed by the media. If only Facebook was already popular then, she would go viral.

Queen Elizabeth II and her mother
Playing her piano at Windsor Castle

She was involved in activities that stereotypically were intended for men, like repairing cars, operating guns, and participating in wars. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II even “begged her father” to let her sign up in the military during the Second World War? Here is a photo of her as a car mechanic:

And then you have Queen Elizabeth II operating a machine gun.

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The longest-reigning British monarch does not become the subject of newspapers with regards to her health. In pictures and appearances, it seems she is very healthy despite the old age. True enough, more photos will be unveiled in the next years. She may be past her prime, but her story continues.