The Bermuda Triangle, one of the most mysterious areas on Earth that still baffle several scientists and experts as to why it causes disappearances of ships and pilot places. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, it is part of the stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, running along the borders from Miami, Florida and the Bermuda Islands, nearby Puerto Rico and back toward Florida. Coincidental or not, there have been already around a thousand incidents, some of them disappearances, in the area, and most of them are open cases, meaning there are no solid information on how it happened and no traces of details about the victims. Legend has it that there is an undersea city at Bermuda Triangle. Creepy, an Atlantis dead-ringer. Wait, so can we prepare our smartphones to take photos of what’s inside? There is something in this area ever since the Age of Exploration. Covering around 500,000 square miles off the tip of Florida in the southeast, the Bermuda Triangle was subject of the accounts of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World, present-day United States, saying that he and his crew encountered “erratic compass readings.” At this time, a sliver of the areas was among the fewest places on Earth where true north and the magnetic north line up. The first person who sailed solo around the world, Joshua Slocum also disappeared right here on his voyage from Martha’s Vineyard to South America in the year 1909. There are also claims that William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” was based from actual shipwrecks at Bermuda triangle. Then there were more. Among these, one of the most controversial was the disappearance of Flight 19, where five Navy bombers with 14 men onboard left Fort Lauderdale, Florida to conduct bombing runs in December 1945. The compass of the vehicles malfunctioned, and the leader himself was lost. All the five planes came low on fuel and flew randomly. The rescue team on a mission to save possible lives also disappeared. Until today, the mystery is being solved. The official Navy report literally stated, “as if they had flown to Mars.”

Our Community Now

What makes the Bermuda Triangle very mysterious?

Case unclosed, this seems to be the status of the bountiful of stories of disappearances, compass patterns, and mapping oddities that surround this part of the world. Why do airplanes and water vessels seem to collectively experience the same pattern in this region? One theory shows that “strange” magnetic disturbances affect readings in the compass, ever since the time of Columbus. There were also studies that state the ocean exhausts methane eruptions, thus transforming the sea into a froth which is unable to support the ship’s weight. It causes for these vessels to sink. There are also particular groups that say there are more intelligent and technologically advanced living race underneath the area, below sea level that abducts these ships and air vessels. There are also natural causes that explain these incidents. It is where tropical storms and hurricanes frequently occur. Moreover, the strong oceanic current called the Gulf Stream, causes drastic changes in the local weather, is located here at Bermuda triangle. Atlantic Ocean’s deepest point, the Milwaukee Depth, also lies along this area. At the Milwaukee Depth, the Puerto Rico Trench is at a depth of around 27,493 feet.

Ancient Origins

Here are the other incidents at the Bermuda triangle throughout history:

  • In the early 17th century, Sea Venture suffered a wreck near the Bermuda Island's eastern end. The fleet commander and his crew reached ashore and started the first human settlement on the island.
  • Daughter of former U.S. vice president Aaron Burr, Theodosia Burr Alston, disappeared while onboard the Patriot, a vessel that sailed from South Carolina to New York City. No solid evidence about locating her exists.
  • The ship that carried a peace treaty between the North African Barbary States and the United States, USS Epervier disappeared in 1814.
  • Schooner James Chester was found floating in the ocean after their ship capsized, leaving missing crew members. A coup on board was not seen since there was not any sign of struggle, and lifeboats were still in place.
  • The largest number of lives lost in U.S. Navy history happened to USS Cyclops, featuring the Bermuda triangle. Over 300 crew members disappeared in 1918, after departing from the Barbados islands.
  • In 1921, cargo schooner Carroll A. Deering was found wrecked at Diamond Shoals located off a North Carolina coast. The ship was intact, but crew members vanished and was never heard from again.
  • After the second World War until the 1970s, there were more disappearances reported, including USAF Phantom jet Sting-27 completely vanishing without trace.
  • Recently, on two different incidents, two Piper-PA plans disappeared in the triangle
  • In 2017, Mitsubishi MU-2B-40, a private aircraft, flew from Puerto Rico to southern Florida, and afterward lost radar contact, vanishing the plane with four passengers on board midst a weather condition that was generally fine and fair.

Were there really communities underneath the Bermuda triangle that sought perhaps, information from the crew members and pilots? Looking at the list, you’ll notice the ship always survives while almost no person comes alive. If indeed this is true, what do these people need?

The alleged city underneath

If you’d like to escape from the trials of this world or maybe run away from your protective parents or aunts and uncles, you’ll wish you’ll be abducted and brought to the city underneath Bermuda triangle. Could Aquaman be there? Could the Little Mermaid be in there? Or maybe Spongebob? The Bermuda triangle is your typical adolescent, young adult story that has been passed generations after generations. More people say that it is becoming a cliche, but the fact that countless of lives have already been lost with these incidents, it is still indeed a matter of concern. Theories about the city built under the sea area of the triangle may be due to the fact that the formation of the landscape in this place is very complex and interesting. There are two distinct plates, one located within another, the Milwaukee Depth and the Puerto Rico Trench. Then, there are also whirlpools nearby the islands around the triangle. Scientifically speaking, there are caverns and branching tunnels formed in this type of geological setting. Meaning to say, people and vessels may deliberately be stuck within these walls underneath the sea, reason why they “disappear” from usual pathways in other oceans on Earth. According to a specific group, the lost city of Atlantis, found in many literatures including those of William Shakespeare and Walt Disney, could be exactly in this location, hence the name. The Bermuda triangle is at the Atlantic Ocean. The “inhabitants and dwellers of Atlantis” are believed to have kept a strong power in the form of electromagnetic energy that could be bringing these lives and souls to them, including some vessels. These energies may also be guilty of misguiding ships and airplanes.

Other than these, data reveal that there are actually built structures, seemingly man-made like the Parthenon in Athens or the Great Pyramids in Egypt, found under the area of the triangle. Reports say they found giant pyramids made of glass. Looking at the notes of brave divers who explored the depths, they did not find glass-made pyramids but remains of man-made buildings in stone and other relevant materials. However, they may not be considered structures at all, rather an undersea road known as Bimini. Thus far, there are no pieces of evidence of these cities.

Several centuries after people first heard about it, the Bermuda Triangle remains a puzzle piece. The exact number of disappearances is not known, the ships and airplanes that went missing have not been recovered, and the reason whether it is because of human error or weather phenomena caused these incidents, surprisingly, is not known yet. Even experts are not confident to defend their hints.

The quest for these mysteries continue, and with more individuals, it could be your nephew, niece, sons and daughters a few years from now, getting aware of the Bermuda triangle, the curious community is bound to grow.