In specific cultures in the world, a human fetus is a delicacy. Now, that’s unethical. In this edition of the post, you will know the controversies behind this diet and why it still continues despite pressure from criticisms. Graphic reporting ahead.

Violation of human rights is a talked-about concern worldwide. In China, child trafficking and North Korean women trafficking are only among the human rights abuses which are part of world headlines. Even their one-child policy, which still is in effect today, is considered a violation of human rights.

Beyond this, abortion of unborn children — with some even flushing them into the toilet or leaving them in garbage bins — and keeping the fetus to be included in food have already been part of their lives. At some points, it is part of their children.

Eating human fetuses or healthy, unborn children for their people is said to boost stamina and sexual health.

Officials are active about pursuing these acts anywhere in the world. For instance, customs officials in South Korea, according to a report on the Washington Times, would seize pills known to contain powdered child’s flesh imported from China. Since August of 2011, officials in this East Asian nation have already confiscated almost 20,000 pills with the fetus as the ingredient from China.

Several documentaries are shown on the practice of consuming aborted fetuses, and in which, even Chinese doctors are able to facilitate these abortions for human consumption. There were fetuses taken out from refrigerators.

In the story, the tiny innocent lives, already considered deceased, were stored in household fridges before they are distributed to clinics and stored in medical microwaves. The process of preparation includes drying the skin, powdering the fetus and placing them in capsules. They add herbs to hide the ingredients from customs officials and health department investigators.

More details The human fetus ingredient hides in the menu of exclusive Chinese restaurants in Spare Rib Soup, said. The dish is considered pricier than the rest of the items without this element in the menu, and served “only in the back rooms to known customers.” These patrons are willing to pay more to try this delicacy.

Spare Rib Soup sounds innocent on the outside, but actually contains aborted fetuses. For the natives in the country, it rejuvenates their health, giving them a “fountain of youth” diet that also fixes wrinkles, grows back their hair, and makes them younger.

Government’s role Does this mean the government is completely silenced on this issue? No. In fact, the law also prohibits the trafficking of fetal tissues for profit. Whoever is caught will be penalized for up to 10 years in jail and fined $500,000. The government partakes the efforts of Planned Parenthood advocates for raising awareness of this issue.

More news on revealed how aborted human fetuses are sold around in Shenzhen, China. Women also find it an opportunity to earn, since they can sell aborted fetuses to institutions.

Doctors in the city would explain, “There are 10 fetuses here, all aborted this morning. You can take them. We are a state hospital and don’t charge. Normally we doctors take them home to eat - all free. Since you don’t look well, you can take them.”