A Russian researcher entered a room to observe his human test subjects and collect data for an experiment that the Soviets were conducting. With expectations of seeing his subjects awake, alive and well, the researcher was completely terrified when he entered the room. Hearing what sounded like screams of the “damned” and at his feet is a body that has been completely torn apart. The other remaining survivors that are scattered around the room have visible chunks of flesh ripped from their arms and legs, exposed bones at their fingertips, and their faces skin had been completely removed. No this isn’t the beginning of a scary movie, this stems directly from the reports of what is now known as the “Russian Sleep Experiment.”

During the Soviet- era, In the late 1940’s, Russian scientists created a stimulant that they believe that they can keep an individual awake for elongated periods of time. The drug was intended to be used by Soviet soldiers while at war.

The idea came from the Nazi’s during World War II, as the Nazi’s would utilize a similar stimulant during their battles of WWII. The Nazi’s drug was a methamphetamine called Pervitin. It wasn’t just the Germans utilizing these drugs, the United States and the British would dose their soldiers with the amphetamine Benzedrine.

The Soviets were attempting to develop a drug that wouldn’t have the user crashing after a three day binge usage. They had developed a prototype of the drug that was visibly working in lab animal trials, but they needed to test it on human subjects before they knew if they had their formulas correct. It wasn’t hard for the Soviets to find test subjects in the late 1940’s, since POW were a plenty. Unlike the human rights of the modern era, in World War II overlooking the safety of a prisoner didn’t require any further consideration.

The Soviets set up a test area where five test subjects would live. It was a sealed environment that allowed researchers to release the drug as a gas while monitoring the oxygen levels to make sure they were maintained and stable. Each of the five subjects were given dried food, their own bed (with no bedding), communal running water, as well as a toilet. The researchers had also installed microphones and cameras to monitor the test subjects. The only portals to the outside are 5-inch thick glass windows, which the prisoners can barely even make out shadows through.

For the first three days the men seem to be in good spirits and almost happy about their current situation and environment. The gas seems to be functioning correctly and the research team is ecstatic about this, a researcher telling another, “Nazi meth? What a joke, wait until the world sees we’ve cooked up. Comrad Stalin will be most pleased.”

All five subjects had agreed to attempt to stay awake for 30 days under the ruse that if they make it to the 30 day mark they will be rewarded with their freedom.

Signs of problems begin to show around day 4 of the test.

Day 4: The five subjects began discussing war and the horrors they have witnessed. They all speak about the trauma they have from experiencing war first hand, from nightmares to unforgettable imagery they constantly are forced to cope with.

Day 5: The men begin showing signs of psychosis, talking to themselves and things that are not there. They begin to grow paranoid of each other and begin whispering into the microphones, telling stories about the other subjects. The researchers are all well aware of the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Noting that after five days without sleep the mind can begin to experience realistic hallucinations as if it is turning against the person that is fighting sleep. The researchers began to wonder if this was being caused by a lack of sleep or from the administration of the gas into the test subjects’ living quarters.

Day 9: The suspicions about the problems stemming from the gas are more solidified. One of the five subjects begins screaming at the top of his lungs while running back and forth in the room. He screamed so much it is assumed that he tore his vocal cords. This is believed because the researchers noted that after a few hours of this he began to omit a squeak like a “children’s toy.”

Day 12: Researched recorded nothing but an “eerie” silence that came from the mic’d room. The researchers also noted that the men could not be seen from the cameras. They knew that all of the 5 men were alive, since the oxygen level monitor indicated 5 breathing men. After weighing their options, the researchers felt that the experiment must be interrupted, and against their own desires decided that they had no choice but to open the door. They announced into the intercom system that they were “opening the chamber in order to test the microphones. Step away from the door and lie flat on the floor. If you disobey these commands you will be shot. Compliance will earn one of you immediate freedom.” Researchers heard a response from a single test subject telling the researchers, “we no longer want to be free.” Puzzled by this response the researchers opened the vents to let in fresh air, this fresh air would supersede the residual stimulant that was lingering within the test chamber. This action was immediately followed by screams from the test subjects pleading with the researchers, “please give us more of the gas!”

Day 15: Researchers chose to open the door to the testing chamber. To their surprise they saw that one of the test subjects was dead. The scene that was explained in detail in the beginning, is exactly what researchers saw when they entered the room. Upon closer inspection the researchers observed that the man was not merely just ripped apart, but he had been eaten. The wounds on the remaining subjects’ arms and legs appeared to be self inflicted. The subjects had also torn away skin and muscle from their own chests, revealing the horrific site of the men’s own lungs. Upon further inspection, it appeared as though the four remaining test subjects had partook in this gruesome form of self mutilation. Functioning blood vessels had been pulled to the exterior of subjects’ limbs, other internal organs were on the floor, laid out next to the men. These organs were positioned in a way that led researchers to believe that the subjects were going to eat them. The subjects were witnessed eating their own bodies with great enthusiasm, forcing researchers to call for back up out of extreme fear. They exited the room to the self cannibalizing test subjects pleading with researchers to “turn the gas back on!”

When soldiers arrived to extract the men from the test chamber they were met with unbelievable force. It was reported that one of the subjects ripped one of the soldiers throats from his body, while another poor soldier had his testicals removed. Five soldiers lost their lives in the wake of this madness, while it was reported that some of the soldiers that were involved in this extraction later took their own lives after the fiasco.

Once the subjects were removed from the room researchers injected the subjects with enough morphine to seduce a North American buffalo, but the subjects continued to fight like wild animals. One of the test subjects bled out and his heart visibly stopped beating. While apparently deceased on the floor he was said to have screamed out, “ give me gas, i need gas!”

The three remaining subjects were finally sedated, restrained, and transferred to a secure medical facility. As the doctors attempted to put one of the subject’s organs back into his body, he nearly broke out of the restraints holding him in place. By the time the doctors were able to get the anesthetic into the man, his hard stopped and he died on the operating table. His autopsy later showed that he had broken 9 bones and had multiple major muscle terrors throughout his entire body.

Having already lost 2 subjects, doctors chose not to use anesthetic on the third man, and applied skin graphs and organ reattachment while the man was awake. The operating doctor later said that there is no scientific way that this man should still be alive. While the attending nurse said that the man smiled at her during the entire duration of his surgery. At one point during the surgery she sensed that the man was trying to stay something to her so put a pen in his hand, a notepad under him, and stepped back. When she pulled the notepad away, she claimed the note said, “keep cutting.”

It was said that while the final subject went under the knife for his emergency he laughed like a hyena. Doctors also stated that he kept requesting “the gas,” exclaiming he needed it to “stay awake.”

After the surgery the KGB stepped in advising to put the men back on the gas. Suggesting that the problems only arose from withdrawal. Following orders, the doctors complied with the KGB’s recommendation and put the man back on the gas. Once back on the gas, one of the subjects’ EEG monitors showed extremely sporadic brain activity, followed by normal activity, then abruptly flatlined and perished. Out of sheer panic one of the attending physicians pulled out a firearm and discharged it into the final remaining subjects skull.