The American Indians or the Native Americans are a culture that’s become the subject of pop media, literature, and more. Did you know that about 5.2 million people in the United States identify themselves as American Indians? The largest group are Cherokees and they are collectively interesting cultures. These, and their most fascinating traditions in this post by History Code.

Healing rituals

Ceremonies of these kinds are held to strengthen their bonds among the members of their tribe and with the environment. Healing rituals are common among Native Americans but may vary in the specific ceremonial celebrations in each tribe. For instance, the Navajo and Sioux are known to utilize a medicine wheel, and they would also dance in the rituals. Herbs and species of plants are present in these rituals since they are considered remedies for their people. These include the sage, bearberry, red cedar, tobacco, sweetgrass, and more. With the healing rituals, they combine religion and beliefs with medicines that heal their holistic being. It’s also a part of spiritual healing.

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Vision quests

This rite is participated by older children or those entering puberty in order to find direction in their lives. Different tribes will have different durations and intensities for these vision quests. It happens in such a way that the person becomes part of an experience where he or she will interact with a spirit, usually in the form of an animal for protection and advice. These rites involve preparation before the actual quest to determine the person’s sincerity, readiness, and commitment. One of the requirements is for the person to be in the wild for several days in order to become in tune with nature.

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The grape dumpling

This is a Native American dessert characterized by a deep purple color, and when eaten, it is very juicy to the taste. How are these dumplings made? Wheat flour will create the dough that becomes the foundation for the grape dumplings. The makers then roll them to thinner shapes and then doused in hot grape juice and sugar mixture for about 10 minutes. You can eat this with ice cream on the side. The taste, according to international visitors to their communities, would be reminiscent of their home and culture.

Pow wows

American Indian culture is beyond Pocahontas and the famous Indian-inspired nursery rhyme. One of the most important rituals they have is the pow wow. It’s a way for them to celebrate the success of a hunting adventure. Dance is a common part of the program, and people move to the tune of drum beats. “Pow wow” is a Narrtick word that means “medicine man” or “pau wau.” This dialect is from the Algonquian tribes of Massachusetts. Aside from celebrating the success of the hunt, it is also a way for families to bond together among themselves and with other tribes, taking pride in their identities and celebrating life. The largest pow wow in North America is the Gathering of Nations in Alburquerque, with over 700 tribes in festivities. Today, international tourists come from different parts of the globe to witness these celebrations. Rituals and traditions like these are embedded in their culture. It belongs within their identities, sacredly passed on from the older to the younger generations.