Businessman and current United States President Donald Trump keeps a very energetic childhood. His whereabouts in his younger years shaped what he is today, his ideals, his decisions, and perhaps, even his tweets. Even until he snagged the U.S. presidency in 2016, winning him 304 electoral votes over 227 for his opponent Hillary Clinton, this former “Celebrity Apprentice” host has gone through several challenges. This includes the recent impeachment. If impeached, he’ll be the first U.S. president to be ousted from office by means of impeachment. Most of the photos below are from

Who was Donald Trump when he was a child until his young professional years? This edition of History Code will reveal the details and rare photos of his past.

State of the Union

Before anything else, let’s have a look at the latest about the Trump impeachment. In a report on The Patriot Hill, he commended his legal team for doing an “excellent job with the rebuttal on the facts” and is very pleased with the way they presented them. He also recognized Deputy Counsel Mike Purpura for doing an “incredible job.”

The Senate impeachment trial began on January 16th. A few days after, the Republican Senate majority rejected the amendments from the Democratic minority to invite witnesses and subpoena documents, including pieces of evidence from the House impeachment proceedings “unless objective to on a case-to-case basis.” Trump’s legal team maintains its argument that the impeachment is constitutionally invalid.

Young Donald Trump: A glimpse of the past

Born in New York

Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York to Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod, specifically at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. His father’s side has origins from Germany, while his mother’s side traces origins to Scotland. In the late 19th century, his grandfather Frederick immigrated to the United States. From then, the Trump family already has held fortune starting from his grandfather who was also a businessman, managing boarding houses and “boomtown” restaurants.

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A childhood mishap with his babysitter

At the age of five, he and his babysitter visited the urban safari, but the young Donald Trump descended down a sewer being constructed in New York. His babysitter worried that he might panic, but he instead walked through the darkness in that sewer.

In his elementary years, he was known for his refusal to accept mistakes and athleticism. Then, his family enrolled him in a military academy in high school where he physically developed, and even got into a fight with a fellow cadet who he attempted to push out a second-floor window, but did not push through since other students had intervened.

His childhood friends would call him “Donny,” “The Trumpet,” and “Flat Top,” usually referring to his hairstyle.

“He was headstrong and determined. He would sit with his arms folded with this look on his face, almost daring you to say one thing or another that wouldn’t settle with him,” one of Donny’s teachers Ann Trees at Kew-Forest School, said.

In the military school, the way he was spoiled with the affluent lifestyle he was given at home would be counteracted, since he would get struck if he misbehaved, and had to follow strict rules covering curfews and daily inspections. Despite these, he would still stand out as a popular student.


It was highly unlikely for him to be on the sidelines. In fact, at the New York Military Academy, he’s an active member of the football, tennis, golf, and squash teams. In the photos, he’s even part of the school’s varsity basketball team. He played several football games. No doubt he was also a ladies’ boy in his teenage years.

During school breaks and traveling home, he did not have to become a working student. Since his father was a real estate magnate, he would just wait for the cook to serve him his meals, a driver to take him to outdoor errands, and their house had an intercom system. They also owned a color television set, which during that time was a luxury only the affluent could afford. The young Donald Trump also owned a variety of gadgets, including an extensive train set.

It was during his time at the boarding school that he learned to live by himself, most of the time going out with friends to discover novelty shops at Time Square, buy hand buzzers, fake vomit, and stink bombs they would use to prank their other friends. Overall, he wasn’t the academic achiever, and would often flunk at some of his subjects and would prefer to play outdoor sports.

Economics degree

He lived by the rules of the military academy and triumphantly graduated in May 1964. He was widely recognized, and would even receive medals for neatness. Shortly after, he enrolled at Fordham University but stayed only for two years.

He transferred to Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a degree in Economics in 1968. This yearbook photo from the military academy was publicized on the front page of the New York Daily News after criticizing Senator John McCain.

Donald Burnham, a 65-year-old business consultant who lived in the neighborhood with the Trump family said, “Donald was known to be a bully, I was a little kid, and my parents didn’t want me beaten up.”

Donald Trump today: Political stint, and more

Three years after his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, climbing up the work ladder was easier for Trump who came from a family who already owned big estates since then. He was named president of E. Trump & Son, his father’s company. This was the former name of the Trump Organization.

In the 1980s decade, he landed a spot on the Forbes billionaires list. Today, Donald Trump’s net worth is at an estimated $3.1 billion. Today, he is one of the biggest and most followed influencers on Twitter for his rants and powerful statements even before he ran for the presidency. With the rising challenges of the presidency and politics, a field that’s not his forte compared with doing business, both local and international media are watching for the events to unfold.