Learning history today is beyond books and encyclopedia. There are downloadable apps that you should include on your mobile devices and tablets, alongside your favorite social apps and more. Here’s a rundown of the best history apps you must have this 2020. They are available with exciting features on both Android and iOS. 

BBC History Magazine

iTunes - Apple
iTunes – Apple

This app gathers information from experts all across the world to share insights into British, American, and world history. It covers ancient civilizations and world wars. They also feature key events and historical figures, as well as present info on how the latest historical research contributes to education and learning. 

Each edition of the history magazine provides a very comprehensive review set, inspiring suggestions for heritage tours, breaking news on history, and giving you a historical background behind the latest news and current events. 

Timeline – World History 


Timeline – World History is child-friendly, with illustrations on world history, covering topics like the Vikings, dinosaurs, film history, espionage, and more. Learn about the most violent pirates of all-time and timelines of the Big Bang and the modern world. 

With its easy-to-read content and stunning illustrations, you can have this app as your study resource for your history classes in school. Whether it’s about the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution or the history of fashion, this app has got everything about history for you. Consider this as your virtual illustrated encyclopedia.

Kings & Queens: 1,000 Years of British Royal History

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This navigable app meanwhile focuses on the British royal family history, with digital illustrations and child-friendly descriptions for the profiles. It’s a highly recommended reference app to use or something to read while waiting for the train or before bedtime. 

The British royal history is like your telenovela—themes of war, intrigue, love, loyalty, betrayal, and murder are present. You also get to know the most remarkable kings and queens, featuring portraits from the Royal Collection Trust. 

History Quiz For Kids


Learning history through quizzes is also a must-have activity. The History Quiz For Kids app features interactive games that cover ancient history to the contemporary age. What’s great about this app is how each historical discussion features a voice narrative, including animation, maps, and charts. Among the topics include the first humans, ancient Roman history, the French Revolution, and more. 

GCSE History


This app is another educational resource you can have on your mobile phones. It focuses on modern history and is written by teachers. Coverage includes the Cold War, the Great Depression, British history, German history, the world wars, and more. Plus, university students can also test their knowledge with more than 1,500 questions with detailed answers and explanations. 

If you have a child who you have granted a mobile device, it is important to supervise their use of the technology. One of the steps you can do is to vary the apps they use. They may play games at one time, and then allow them to learn various knowledge like history and other fields another time. 

Students and teachers have also realized the benefits of keeping these apps on their phones since many of them are learning resources for history. Head over to the app store of your devices to download. 

Do you have a history app or resource to share? Feel free to help the community by posting in our comments box.