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Couple Claire and Cal made an irreversible mistake, and to make it up, they turned this mistake into the best thing they have done in their life. They are the living example of the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

For those wanting to change the way they view life this year, be prepared to be inspired!

It’s the story that will change the way you perceive things. Claire Segeren shares these photos from her Instagram and her blog. Let’s take a look at the life of this couple and how their decision changed their life forever. 

Claire was on her ski trip in the French Alps when she met the man of her life, Cal. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Cal Hunter is also from Canada. They were distant from each other, but they hit it off right away. They pursued their relationship and started on an adventure to forever. They travel extensively in Europe and in Canada. 

The couple was young and in love. They wanted to buy a house they could call their own, and looked at the Internet for the best options. 

What happened afterward?

They chose to have a house flipping and looked around online for the house. After researching, they decided to choose the auction. They were sitting there for a few hours, and then got themselves a new house.

World Lifestyle
World Lifestyle

Then came the bidding process and the sellers presented the check. What they bought was a 120-year-old mansion in Scotland. However, they missed a point: the location. The mansion is located 4,000 miles from where they live. They spent around US$40,000 for this property. They could have returned it but the business maintains “all sales were final” so there was nothing they could do but to live up to their mistake. Cal never told about this to Claire at first, but of course, she would still know later on.

With Claire’s reaction after she knew, he could have told her earlier.

Claire never became angry nor lashed out at Cal. She presented her idea of re-working on the property and her willingness to travel the distance to get the renovations done. Maybe because Claire had the plan to study at Glasgow University and take up medicine, and the location is nearby the house.

It was known Jameswood Villa but the location was mistake number one. What was mistake number two?

The state of the house in the interiors was dilapidated — large holes in the roof, rotting woodwork, and elements that aren’t usually in a decent home.

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World Lifestyle

Claire was still hopeful they could get this right. They transformed the home into a beautiful space no one would ever believe. Did it cost them more? We will find out soon.

Both of them took it as an adventure. They began renting a caravan so they could work on the renovations easier. The positivity was inspiring. They never dwelled in the mistake, and Claire even posted an update on her blog and Instagram so interested enthusiasts can follow and participate!

Everyone tuned in, following their every move. They posted updates from trimming the trees, clearing out the sidewalk, and taking a shovel. All their pure dedication was showcased. 

The challenges

The rebuilding was not easy. There were roadblocks, including having their van stuck in the mud or building the driveway wrongly. But this also did not stop them from their objectives. They called out carpenters to save on the renovation costs. They asked their community for help, made new friends in the neighborhood, and even let them inside their homes for food and shower since their caravan had unstable electricity.

Their work became popular on social. People started commenting on advice and suggestions. One of those they looked at was to make the homes environmentally-friendly.

Since then, they used recycled materials like old kitchen units. 

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Dream home

Where does this inspiration come from? After all, this is their dream home. Only them can be able to make things happen. They wanted to renovate the mansion into three apartments. One would where they would live, and the others would be sold to cover for their repair costs. 

They researched far and wide and battled the elements of dust, chemicals, mold, and other harmful ones. 

The rotting wood was dangerous. 

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Rotted wood in the roof area may break anytime with the slightest. Claire thought fast and decided to remove these floorboards to avoid further accidents. They were very hands-on in the project. 

They placed the scaffolding themselves and even set up a “board room” in an area in the mansion to help organize things. The two would sit on the scaffolding during breaks, eat snacks, and refresh before getting back to work.

From using candles to light up the spaces, they were able to put up electricity in the latter phases. They have somehow started life from the renovation, like building a family. They received criticisms here and there, but they moved forward with their goals.

The caravan life

Life in the caravan was something to cherish. They would cook food in the outdoor kitchen, and they would have neighbors helping move the caravan to various areas where they do the work. The views of the outdoors — deer and houses — were there. 

At Jameswood Village, animals found a home prior to when it was sold to them. Crows lived in the property before Claire’s dad began moving them away with a scarecrow. Poor crows. 

Their friends would visit to take a look at the developments. They would take them inside tents for accommodation. The volunteers would have snacks and drink tea with the couple.

The difference from the moment they first saw the house to the renovated mansion was very inspiring. 

They had friends and volunteers coming over for the rebuilding. For them, the roof was the most difficult to repair. They had to remove the chimney and repurpose the bricks. 

Now, they have the best location ever. The couple would hike the mountains, walk on the beach and explore the ruins.

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